Four Seasons Silicon Valley Offers Foli Digital Magazines for Tech-Savvy Guests


Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley, a popular meeting place and hotel for Bay Area business travelers, entrepreneurs, and executives, is no stranger to the demands of tech-savvy travelers.  Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the hotel offers the highest standards of luxury, personalized hospitality, and state-of-the-art technology.

“We are proud to be technology leaders,” says Tracy Mercer, General Manager of the Four Seasons Silicon Valley, of the Foli app. “It was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate that we can be high tech, innovative and improve the guest experience by providing something new.”

With many of their guests in the technology industry, it’s no surprise that Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley was the first hotel in Silicon Valley to offer Foli, an app that gives guests access to complimentary digital magazines for their mobile devices during their stay.

With 6.5 billion mobile subscribers worldwide, modern travelers not only carry their mobile devices everywhere, but they demand new tech-savvy services to go with them.  In recent studies, 70% of travelers said a hotel’s digital amenities impact their booking choices, and 80% of travelers said they’d use a mobile phone to access a hotel’s amenities.  These are stats and trends modern hotels can’t ignore.

Guests are demanding more, and Four Seasons Silicon Valley is listening.  After launching Foli last year, guests’ feedback has been extremely positive.  Foli Internal surveys show 72% of guests agree Foli improved their stay, 67% are more likely to book the venue because of Foli, 81% will use Foli during their next visit, and 86% want to use Foli at other locations.  Foli is a true guest favorite.  Many guests have left positive feedback praising Foli: “Foli makes for a jolly stay!!” (Shravni, SF), “Digital coffee table, what a great way to make it feel like home” (Ali, Detroit), “Excellent selection of magazines and no wasted paper!” (Kathleen, SF).

Foli allows hotels to create a digital magazine rack that guests can access from their mobile devices. Guests who download the free Foli app have unlimited access to premium magazines, in addition to the Four Seasons magazines. However, as soon as guests check-out and leave the Hotel, the content cannot be viewed. It’s a powerful way to distribute content to guests during their stay such as in-room services and dining menus.

“We are excited to offer Foli because it enhances the guest experience and leverages geo-fencing technology, which is pretty innovative,” explains Mercer. “Foli is a perfect fit for the Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley, especially given we are in the heart of Silicon Valley.”

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