British Airways Lounge Serves Foli after Decreased Newspaper Demand & Increased Magazine Demand from Travelers


The British Airways Club Lounge at San Francisco International Airport is celebrating the arrival of a new jet Airbus A380 this week.  Bringing 469 passengers, the new jet will place increased demand on the exclusive club lounge that offers guests a quiet haven serving refreshing ginger water and complimentary premium reading materials pre-flight.

While there is no strain on the newspaper supply these days, the premium magazine content is a different story.  Andrew Axelrod, British Airways SFO Lounge Manager, has reduced the number of newspapers he purchases for the club in recent months, due to a decrease in demand from travelers, while continuing to run out of premium magazine titles like ELLE magazine.

“I’ve cut my newspaper purchases in half in the last few months just from noticing how many unused copies I was throwing away at the end of each day,” says Axelrod.  Less and less travelers are getting their news from traditional newspapers, while opting instead for online, up-to-the-minute news content. 

“I frequently offer newspapers to first class members who have been on holiday for weeks, only to have them refuse the newspapers, saying they’ve already read their news online,” confirms Axelrod.  However, the premium magazine content keeps Andrew running back to the newsstand for refills.  “Guests like to take the premium content that they would normally pay for, like Esquire magazine, with them on the plane to read.  I often find the premium magazine racks empty, and have to dash to the newsstand to purchase more copies.” 

Fortunately, the club lounge offers guests Foli, an app full of premium digital multi-media magazines and eBooks from top publishers, which offers a limitless digital supply of premium content as compared to a limited number of paper copies offered.

“With Foli’s digital copies of magazines like Esquire, my copies offered to guests are actually limitless.  Members can even save articles to continue reading on their flight,” says Axelrod.  Foli is sure to help ease the strain of increased lounge guests with the arrival of a new jet, or at least the strain on the empty magazine racks.

Guests to the British Airways lounge love Foli, and have already left great feedback on the new service.  Jessie from San Francisco says “Talk about making the wait enjoyable! Foli means I don’t have to shell out for print magazines to pass the time waiting for the aeroplane, saving both the pennies and paper. Living in San Francisco, I travel back to my home country of England often, and foli has made a difference to the way I travel… No more expensive dashes to the newsagents! Thanks.”  Simon from Manchester UK excites “It was like a newsstand in my hand!”, and Kathleen from SF Bay Area confirms “Excellent selection of magazines and no wasted paper.”

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Offer your guests the content they crave with Foli, premium digital magazines and eBooks for business & leisure travelers.  Learn more at: or email Henry He, Foli Founder & CEO, to get Foli for your business.


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