The Results Are In: 89% of Guests Agree Foli Improved their Stay!

One of Foli’s goals is enabling hotels and airlines worldwide to offer a truly unique and innovative guest experience to meet the demands of modern travelers.  As we continue to improve Foli, we conducted surveys at over 16 hotels and airport lounges nationwide to hear what guests think of the new Foli service offered.

Guests overwhelmingly enjoy and demand Foli services


89% of respondents agreed that Foli improved their stay, while 11% were Indifferent.   More importantly, 73% of respondents said Yes, they are more likely to book the hotel or airline because of Foli, and 88% of respondents Agree they will use Foli during their next visit.

We are thrilled with the data as it confirms that Foli does add value to guests as well as to hotels and airport lounges.  We are also excited to share comments left by guests:

  • Ali (guest from Detroit) excites “Digital coffee table, what a great way to make it feel like home!”
  • Jennifer (guest from Atlanta) calls Foli “Great and simple!”
  • Lisa (guest from San Francisco) simply states of Foli “Convenient”.

Guests prefer leisure magazines over newspapers


We asked guests what magazine and newspaper titles they would like included on Foli to guide expansion of our content portfolio. Surprisingly, 70% of titles listed were leisure magazines and publications, 19% were news related magazine titles and ONLY 11% of titles listed were traditional newspapers!

We expected to see traditional newspaper titles listed at least 50% of the time since many hotel partners have asked for such.  It is interesting to see that while many hotels continue to focus on offering guests newspapers, this is not the reading material the majority of guests actually want.

We have seen a similar trend in many airport club lounges, as referenced in our previous British Airways blog post.  We are proud Foli already offers the leisure reading materials guests actually demand, and we hope hoteliers still serving traditional paper newspapers or looking to offer digital newspapers take notice!

Guests appreciate green initiatives


88% of guests responded with “Yes, save paper!” when asked if they would like to access the in-room paper compendium digitally on Foli. As Kathleen (guest from San Francisco) confirms of Foli “Excellent selection of magazines and no wasted paper.”  This data is inline with a growing trend in guests preference for eco-friendly practices at hotels and resorts, and an increasing percentage are making booking choices based on such!

Guests want to use Foli everywhere


When asked if they want to use Foli at other locations, 88% of guests responded with “Yes, I love Foli!” Jesse from San Francisco says of Foli:  “Talk about making the wait enjoyable! Foli means I don’t have to shell out for print magazines to pass the time waiting… Living in San Francisco, I travel back to my home country of England often, and Foli has made a difference to the way I travel… No more expensive dashes to the newsagents! Thanks.”

We are thrilled that so many guests love Foli, and we hope to better serve all hotel and airline guests as we work to expand Foli to all locations worldwide.

Offer your guests the content they crave with the Foli app (  Working with hotels, resorts and airlines, we’re revolutionizing the guest experience for the modern, tech-driven world.  Contact Henry He, Foli Founder & CEO, or visit to learn more.

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